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Reliable Instructor

5 5 1
Super reliable instructor. He legit teaches you everything that you will need to know. Unlike the first instructor that I found, Mr Lum really is keen in teaching his students and is the most genuine instructor. He charges affordable prices and does scam like some. He might get annoyed once in a while when you do something wrong BUT its because he really wants you to learn so you can pass within the first test. I'm really happy that I found Mr Lum through this site:) I'm officially a legal driver!

Really good isntructor

5 5 1
Mr Lum is someone I really recommend, especially because I took lessons with other instructors before. He is a really, really patient person and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you don't just pass but that you are super confident on the road. He encourages you and tells you your mistakes in a way that are easy to remember and doesn't scare you off. He advises students to not just focus on the road but on the whole view, which really makes someone able to feel prepared for the test. His method of teaching is also easy to follow and I never had problems with parking or circuit anymore after lessons with Mr Lum. Really cannot thank him enough for helping me in this process! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!

Idk man

3 5 1
So hard to book lessons. Even got physical once then apologized. Go for toliet break 3/4 of the lessons i attended and just refused to let me book weekends for some weird reason.

unorthodox instructor

4 5 1
I took two lessons from Mr Lum and passed my class 3a test. he is unorthodox and I feel he wants his students to feel the pressure before a test. as i did i stayed calm even when tester not happy about me turning right on the slower lane at a junction.

Not Recommended

1 5 1
He is not patient at all, pure dictator! Dun argue, dun ask, dun say anything against him, make sense or not, he does not care. He has more than enough students to choose, so he does not care about how you feel when you learn. You pay as a customer, you feel like a slave, there is just no respect. You enter lane1 he said should be lane2, next time you enter lane2 he scold you because he think lane1 is correct, he is never wrong, you just don't argue, keep quiet, be good slave. In the end, I argued, and he just terminate my lesson with him, I was "fired", like a slave. For me, he is very "sick" and arrogant.

Best Instructor Ever

5 5 1
I passed first time under Mr Lum. He offered a unique approach, at least at that time. It was an experiential approach. He would provide the proper guidance, cues, and practise tasks, but never tell me what to do next. He would let me try out the tasks, experience the challenges myself, then review with me experientially. Was fierce at times, and sounded impatient, but knew what he was doing, and really prepared me for the test,

No time for you

3 5 1
Instructor is fierce and give you lots of pressure. Hard to book lessons, have to wait like 1 month but really efficient when teaching. Learn from him only if you work well under pressure and stress.

Excellent instructor

5 5 1
I passed my TP first time all thanks to his guidance. It took me just 5 lessons overall. He is a very committed, dedicated,knowledgeable and understanding pdi. He will make your lesson joyful and he will guide and correct your mistakes when necessary. He is very patient. He will never sleep unlike other pdi. He will utilise the time you paid for. Thank you Mr Lum. Definitely a must for other trainees.

Excellent coach, no regrets

5 5 1
1st time passer, with only 10 lessons. Saved me so much money (than doing 20 lessons at school) Totally worth investing your time learning from him. He is a patient coach, helps u gain confidence in your driving. through his 26 years of experience, he knows exactly what areas you need help with. I would totally recommend him to all my friends who want a solid pass in their driving

Excellent instuctor

5 5 1
Thanks to Mr Lum, I passed my test the first time. He makes it very clear on what you should do and what you should not, and makes driving simple, easy and fun.

Very good instructor

5 5 1
He is a very good n patient instructor. Really learn a lot from him. The only thing is he is teaching in admiralty, woodlands area. Btw I stay in bishan. I am a first time passer. I have no regret to travel all the way to admiralty to learn from him.

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