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Unpleasant Experience

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Had my TP and failed terribly. My experience was pretty much similar as all the other reviews. He has a habit to mumble, which is not a good start as I struggle to understand him at times. Always never punctual. Even when he is, he would make me wait for him in the car while he chats/smokes with his friends for usually 10-15 min. He never fails to go for coffee break, no matter what time. That takes another 10-20 mins. Considering the fact that I paid $50 per lesson & $90 for circuit for 1.5 hour lesson, he eats a lot of my time & money honestly. At some point, I've had the last time slot with him & that was the worst of all time, he ended the lessons 30 mins earlier. He said he would extend the next few lessons but it never happened. The most frequent yet frustrating thing that he did was he cancelled my lessons on so many occasion during the last min. It gets on my nerves as I'm a working adult & I'm required to reschedule my lessons based on his available timings. With regards to his teaching, I believe in the term 'learning on the go'. I basically learned everything on my own from steering the wheel to knowing how many turns to steer the wheel when I U-turn etc. Literally no actual practical lessons was provided. He enjoys chit-chatting more than anything else, really. For those who are taking private lessons, I would suggest to read reviews online about all PDI and decide from there. Attempt to go for more than 5 circuits once you are confident with the roads, that will help you greatly in TP. Good luck!

Irresponsible & unprofessional

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Just took my TP test recently and failed miserably under him. He was never punctual for any lessons and was always late by 10 to 30 minutes. There was one time when I was already in his car, expecting the lesson to start, but he just stood outside his car, talking to his friend for 10 minutes. Upon confrontation, he became defensive by saying that at least he bothered to tell me my mistakes while other PDI won't?! In addition, he often went for coffeeshop break and it is considered lucky if it only lasts for 10 minutes. There was a time he used my time for lunch and it used up to 40 minutes! He is also very money-minded, collecting money for 5 lessons in advance first.The fee he charged is exorbitant at($52/class with an addition of $38 for circuit) and $448 for practical test.In addition, he often cancels lesson, telling us to consider in his position that he needs to take new students etc. To illustrate this, he cancelled 2 of my lessons I booked with him prior to the day I was taking my TP. Often pushed the blame to students when he gave unclear instruction and when he change timing without telling the students. Nothing else to say, but unless you want to have a ride to hell, do not engage him.

Bad Experience

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He is friendly. Too friendly, couldn't keep his hands to himself. He doesn't teach you how to drive, everything is about 'feeling'. No proper technique was taught. Incorrect road safety techniques given was pointed out during my TP. He has a habit to mumble and cancel lesson last min as he prioritized students who's sitting for TP since he earned more cash. In terms of fees charge, I was charged $50 for each lesson on weekdays, circuit was $90 p/l and warm up & car rental for TP was $440. Only attended less 4 circuit lessons as according to him I was doing fine. Attended less than 14 lessons excluding circuits. Failed my TP terribly with 78 demerits. All in all, not someone anyone should consider to engage.

Do not engage this driver!!!

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I contacted this instructor 2 months ago teach me driving and he said we can start on 1 oct. When this date came he claim that I didn't book with him and said to postpone to 7 November. 2 days ago he called to change timing from 4 to 1. Today he called again to change so he has wasted 2 months of my time! Do not engage him

Not a good experience

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Language Barrier - I'm not very good at Chinese but he speaks mostly Chinese. It's made worse by the fact that he often mumbles, making it even harder for me to pick up what he's saying. Often cancels your classes - This was especially a problem when I first started, because he prioritises lessons for students who are about to take their TPs. While I understand his rationale, it was extremely frustrating to have so many of my pre-arranged lessons cancelled, especially because I was rushing to get my license asap. That being said, he does give some good tips here and there. So he's not the worst. But I still wouldn't recommend him.

Waste of money & nothing learnt

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First of all, appreciated he is very patient. But everything is money for him. He charged me $89/session ($51for class & $38 for circuit) expensive than SSDC. Charged me $408 for practical test ($250 for car rental, $100 for warm up & $58 for circuit charge on the test day). Ended up 76 demerit point. Attended about more than sessions.... Totally waste.

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