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extremely bad experience

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1) he always want you to pay for next lesson before start of lesson. its fine to pay early but when i put my bag in between the two seats to make my payment, he rant and screw me saying if i put my bag there how he going to put his hand? (SERIOUSLY? AINT ME SUPPOSE TO PAY FIRST) 2) Talk on phone, SMS with china girl 3) His car stinks, OMG 4) pluck his hair, peeling his skin (I think he got skin problem) so hence maybe car stinks 5) Don't like to answer question asked 6) He didn't teach me how to check blind spot after like 4 lessons 7) grumpy uncle, i switch on wrong light instead of position light when i change lane and he went #%^!(^# 8) when i brake slightly harder, he bound a few times like we are in a bumper car 9) always say its up to you la and minus xx points when i made slight mistake, cant he tell its not by choice? i made it not cause its up to me, its cause im unable to do it right YET. 10) first lesson start late end early 11) when i reach early 'he say we start now end early, don't complain say i shortchange u cause i know u very "xiao qi" 'or something 12) his attitude n face expression doesn't make you enjoy your driving I'm not against PDI but this is very bad experience for me so i gave up and went to SSDC. I cleared all my lessons in less than 15 sessions (avg 2 module per session). If i include TP booking and registration of 200+, i spent slightly below 2k (1.9xx). I enjoyed 95% of my lessons in school, they never failed to answer my questions and it's always fun. All these are just my honest opinion, if u wanna learn from this piece of omg, i rather u take from ANY, ANYYYY other place. ty

Very bad learning experience

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Overly charged. Paid $600 for last 5hrs lessons+ test. Doesnt see you as human being. Throughout his lessons, you got to be a good boy and zip your mouth. Always yell and jam brake with handbrake whenever he is unhappy). Saw him playing with his phone when im in the circuit. Doesn't answer your quries, but only say "what do you think??". No way anybody can socialise or communicate with him. Frequently makes you realise he needed an anger cousellor.

he talks too much

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im quitting his class, rubbish intructor

Piece of shit

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Got him via an online website. Extremely unhappy old man with a tendency to shout at your ear with contradicting instructions, then proceed to scold you for doing whatever he just told you to do the last lesson. Insists on making you sign up for more lessons purely for the sake of earning your money rather than ensuring that you learn to drive safely. If you refuse to, he will insist that it's 'up to you', but then horridly scold you to make it look as if you are terrible at driving. Overcharges for everything (circuit to lessons to exam test; I had to pay $400 for the test!) and has made me quite reluctant to try driving again. Failed on my first attempt, no thanks to him. Fucking asshole of an old man seriously.

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