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Goh Poh Eng
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Will help you to pass

5 5 1
Pros: Teach you the necessary things and important things to take note of in order to pass. Cons: Time slots too full.

Nice and flexible teacher though use a rote learning teaching style

5 5 1
Pros 1. Extremely patient and nice 2. Very experienced (30yrs thereabout iirc) 3. Flexible learning i.e. you can readily request to work on what you perceive to be your weaknesses Cons 1. Instructions are at times unclear (lingo, easily clarified though) 2. Does not explain the concepts of the car functions, gear clutch transmissions, got to do your own reading, her style is pretty much rote learning i.e. at 1st gear lift your clutch 3/4 of the way, put pressure on acceelerator, instead of telling you why perhaps due to the power of the engine or size of the gears

Overall good but tend to make trips to coffee shops

5 5 1
Pros: Teaches patiently. Cons: Tends to make trips to coffee shops. Car is left stationary with student inside and lesson time is wasted.

Eat too much time

1 5 1
During lesson, can go top up petrol, sometimes go coffeeshop wanna go toilet, or go coffeeshop buy dinner for grandson/granddaughter. Once even say let her go collect 4D/TOTO prize.


3 5 1
So-so instructor. Good thing is patient so won't be angry easily. But then super naggy and always eating or talking on the phone during lessons. Too overprotective of car also, won't teach e-braking and will shout if you turn steering to the extreme left or right which causes some sound


1 5 1
Only so-so in teaching. She expects her student to learn fast else she will find excuse not to teach and say things like no time to teach unless you want to wait for long. I think that is how she maintain her students' first time passing rate. Overall lousy experience.

Ok lah

4 5 1
A bit unclear when teaching the basics then kancheonh when u make mistakes.. but is nice overall and accomadating. Passed on 2nd try.

Wouldn't recommend her.

2 5 1
30 years of driving+teaching experience doesn't mean she can teach well; I remember when she boasted about teaching father and then the son. Only towards my last 10 lessons did she start to pick my flaws like blind spots, when I am well into the 25th lesson. I believe she isn't the worst coach, but I know there are definitely better ones. Inconsistent in teaching and 30% of her comments are useless to prep you to become a driver. I put so much extra time to learn about driving, very hard to pass if you want to depend on her to pass. Now I am only one lesson left to TP and I am seriously considering to save the money and learn from another teacher. I regret not learning from school.

Highly recommended!

5 5 1
Mdm Goh is truly a committed, dedicated and patient teacher. She has a positive attitude, never loses her patience and truly loves her job. She has been a teacher for over 40 years. I have to say the negative comments listed above were a surprise to me; frankly, it doesn’t sound like her at all. She never took a break during our lessons; the comments might have been mistakenly posted under Mdm Goh’s name.

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