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Worst Instructor ever

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He doesn't teach. Just kept mum throughout the whole lesson. Typical $$$ bloodsucker. Starts on time(sometimes) and ends earlier than the stated timing. Learning fee is expensive. Higher than market rate. In case you guys don't know it is $34 irregardless of which day and time. TP was $332 in total including warmup without circuit. No guidance at all from him. Just drive, if you make any mistakes he will correct you. But you really have to ask otherwise he will just remain silent throughout the lesson. And every lessoon is repetitively the same. Unreliable. Advisable to go for school for those who wish to learn more.

The stats don't lie

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Nice, patient, systematic, but tends to lead you on too much, even when you are about to take the exam, e.g. telling you when to exit a junction, when to change lanes. As a result, I still have very poor judgement. I was very lucky to have passed the practical (1st attempt 30 pts, 2nd attempt 18 pts) and the tester also commented that my driving was not very skillful. Even though I passed, I think I wouldn't dare to drive in future. Choose him if you are very confident that you are talented in driving. 26% first time passing rate honestly doesn't seem like a misrepresentation of his teaching ability.

Patient and Experienced

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Passed my driving test this morning. Mr Goh is very patient and experienced. There are many instance that I knew he was angry, but never once he scolded. He is also systematic in his teaching where he "drills" the steps into his students. However, I do agree with the previous comment that you need to ask him about your weak areas and ask him to work on those. Else, he may end up not telling you. Overall, I am glad to have him as my instructor and I will definitely recommend him to my cousin and friends who are looking for PDI.

Definitely will not recommend to anyone

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He scolds unreasonably and doesn't teach well


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Very alert & teaches properly. Encouraging as well. But make sure to ask him your weak areas and keep asking him if you can work on those. If you don't ask, he won't tell you. But overall I feel safe learning from him and he doesn't scold, just correct(:

Good but naggy

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Quite good in teaching but also quite naggy.

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