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not good

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Not recommened. Gives unclear instructions and always late for lesson.


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Firstly, he does not pay his full attention when he is in the car. I.e, he watches Youtube when I drive. He failed to pinpoint MANY mistakes that I was making: failing to check blind spots when filtering lanes/turning left or right. Until I probed, he then clarified. During typical driving lessons, he fails to pinpoint my actions that will lead to demerit points (unless I probe him, again lol). I only realised I was making WAY too much mistakes when I switched instructor. In terms of efficiency, he takes 1.5h for driving lessons, which IMO, is too tiring for learner drivers. More efficient to drive in 1 hour. He only teaches 3 point turns/parkings during circuits, and yells at you if you are slow in learning while in the circuit. He does not explain very well, he teaches in chinese - comments made were like you need to drive straighter on roads?Very ambiguous statements. When probed for explanation, he says you need to practice more to get the hang of it. I think he just wants to earn more money. And, he really demoralises the **** out of his students when a mistake is made on the roads. Like literally YELL in your face. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE, IT WAS A NIGHTMARE LEARNING DRIVING.

Not bad instructor

4 5 1
He has quite a high passing rate, a feasible pick up location and helped me pass.

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