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I found Mr. Chua at some online private driving instruction site. I did not want to get scammed by the school. Anyways, he's an alright fella. Mostly on time, sometimes a bit late, but no issues there. Poor at replying texts, but there really isn't too much of a need to contact him as bookings for the next lesson are made in person more often than not. His command of the English language could be better, but if you are fluent in Mandarin I can imagine you'd learn more. One major downside is that he loves to take smoking breaks in right before the lesson begins and it eats into the time you are paying for by a few minutes. I usually kept quiet regarding this matter as perhaps these instructors really need something to calm their nerves; that and perhaps he'd get pissed if I raised the issue, in which case would lead to a less conducive learning environment. Overall he's alright. He will teach you all you need to know. And that's what you pay him for. He will not be your buddy and your friend. Simply an instructor.


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I was introduced to him by a good friend of mine. He communicates excellently in Mandarin, moderately well with English. He is extremely descriptive and precise with his instructions and explains why things are done his way. He emphasizes safety of everyone around him and ensures that you get the best out of your lessons. Never once felt his anger or irritability, even when I screwed up big time, MULTIPLE times. He either suppresses his emotions well or exudes a calm image to ensure that I don't panic. During the first few lessons, his patience was really tested by my incompetence. 2 near accidents because never check blind-spot. 1 mount curb at normal road. 3 stalls at red lights. But all were rectified within that lesson. By my 15th lesson, I had absolutely no issue at all with driving. When I started circuit, I was confident enough to ace all of it. He really can teach circuit very well, just listen to his instructions. You CANNOT go wrong as long as you remain calm and listen attentively. My final test for Driver's License, got me 10 points. Circuit = 0 points. Outside = 10 points. The 10 points consisted of not checking blind spots etc etc, changing lanes abruptly etc etc.. very common mistakes. Thank you Mr. Chua. TL;DR Mr. Chua is a good instructor if you can understand basic Mandarin. He is patient and not easily irritated. Emphasize a lot on safety and makes sure you get your fundamentals right. Go and book him.

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