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Not recommeded

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Super flaky hands, sleep during lessons, super naggy and $ sucker

Instructor Not Recommended

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Naggy, Irresponsible,Rude I do not recommend him as you will only get to drive for 30mins which lesson are schedule for 1hr30mins! He nags alot! Your ears will just give sick! Trust me!Never be able to accommodate to student timing (be it school or work, he just don't care) when required for time change,he will purposely make you forfeit the money which has been paid.

Rude and disrespectful

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He is very naggy and gives NO constructive feedback. Agree with the review that he forgets what he teaches and when you ask to be taught something else, he snaps back at you. Also once, i tried to ask him to stop controlling the wheel from the side and let me have a go, to try and see if i was actualy doing right and he got so angry (about the fact that i said he was controlling it), that he shouted back "that's not controlling, THIS IS CONTROLLING" and proceeded to turn the wheel and serve the car to the other lane. IT IS EXTREMELY rude and not to mention dangerous. I was so angry and annoyed also plus the fact that out of the 10 lessons I had, he had canclled four of them. Rubbish instructor should just retire and get his hands checked - so flaky and gross.

Very irresponsible

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Got his contact from le driving instructor, which was highly recommended by a friend. He is an ok teacher, but twice when I took TP both times cock up. First time car insurance never renew cannot even take, some more only realised when tester come pick me up and tell me no valid insurance. Second time car servicing didn't even know if can make it in time for exam until 15 minute before exam then he tell me he going to get me another car. In the end late for exam some more. Worst part is not even apologetic, just blame bad luck. So until now I still haven't pass although I sign up for tp so many times already. Really would not recommend cos even though teaching is ok if you sign up for tp but end up cannot take cos PDI simply is not responsible enough to check this kind of thing how to get license????

A difficult experience

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I had 13 lessons with Mr Chong, and it was quite challenging indeed. While he isn't outrightly terrible like many of the other instructors on this site (not paying attention in lesson, using lesson time to chat on phone etc), he has some troubling issues that will worry any student. Firstly, he forgets what he teaches you so he actually teaches you the same thing again and again. I had 6 times of right turns despite nailing it on the second time as he couldn't remember what he taught! I had to beg him to teach me something new after which he was quite rude and said "if you think you know so much I can send you for the test now." My sense is he wants you to learn as many lessons as possible to earn money which bothers me as I have a limited budget. Secondly, while the speed limit is 40-50km/h on most smaller roads, he refused to let me accelerate above 20km/h at any time. When I reminded him that the exam will penalise on not enough acceleration he denied it. I personally feel he is not teaching you in a manner that helps you to pass at all. On the bright side, when you don't get something he is quite patient. If you are very confident as a driver and don't feel the need to rely on a teacher to genuinely learn I suppose he is alright. I felt very uncertain that what I would pass on what he taught me. Oh, one hygiene issue - he has really flaky dry hands and he seems to like to put his hands on mine when teaching me to steer. Slightly too touchy for my liking especially when his hands actually flake like dandruff! Agh! Also once he actually covered his mouth with my PDL to cough into it! There I hope this is objective enough.

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