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Had a previous instructor before, first day of lesson the previous instructor made me drive on the road and kept shouting instead of explaining what I did wrong. Finally got sick of it and started googling for PI came across Mr Chiang on this site was abit worried because of past experience, thankfully I made the call to arrange for the booking, he is very calm and doesn’t complain infact he made it a point to explain step by step on what I did wrong, I know from experience I am a slow learner however he took the effort to guide me from scratch even providing cute toy cars as examples to demonstrate his teaching, I cannot explain how much I appreciate his guidance even though it took me 3 times to finally pass(All due to my fault being too nervous during the test), he would still encourage me to do my best and guide me on my previous fail problems. If you choose him to be your driving instructor you can’t go wrong. Mr Chiang if you are seeing this thank you for the effort you placed in guiding me. 🙂


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I know Mr Chiang bcz of this website. I was searching for an instructor after I applied for BTT at CDC. Initially, I have an instructor in mind which is my dad's friend but I found out that he no longer teaches driving and had moved to MY. Back to the story, I know the rates he charges are a bit high. Like legit, you can find some cheaper rates tbh out there but the teachings and the treatment he gave you is really good. The first day I met him, he came with his grey Mitsubishi Lancer. Paid deposit and the hourly rates. When I first started its $48 for 1.5 hrs. He is a very calm, cool man. He started by teaching you how the car and the engine and the gear works. And slowly progresses. He is always on time, never early never late. Though there is one time he is late due to traffic but he did called me to update and extend my session. Halfway, the rates increase to $50 for 1.5 hrs. Obv, I have no objection cz I'm cool with him. No matter what mistakes you do, he never raise his voice, never scold you, never nag. He will explain and tell you things one by one. You really can't go wrong with him tbh. I passed my test with 16 points (I have to disagree some of the mistakes which I didnt do but keep your mouth shut when you are with your tester)

Two thumbs Up!

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Came to know of Mr Chiang by asking around my friends for a PDI as I had previously been a school student. Mr Chiang teaches Manual in his grey lancer and charges 45 dollar for every 1.5 hour. I had been told that this was above the average rate but you get what you paid for. A very nice friendly elderly man who always wear a cap, he will teach you slowly and in a very patient manner. Does not scold and shout either. Very prompt and fast when it comes to booking lessons with him. Everything is by the book, and you pay for the lesson before you start it. No advance bullshit whatsoever. I swore that never once he had told me that he needed a toilet break, food break, pump petrol or whatever in my 10 lessons with him. In fact on my TP date i had a warm up with him at 1pm and he had taught from 12 to 1 and I asked him to grab lunch but he told me to concentrate on my TP instead and lunch can come later. Needless to say i passed under him for the first time and anyone wanting to find a PDI, rest assured he is the man! Thank you Mr Chiang!

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