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Very patient and not fierce at all

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If you are looking for a very patient instructor with completely no temper, Azman is perfect for you. Have never been scolded at all throughout my lessons with him. He will just tell you nicely. Of course, whether this is good or bad depends on your own learning style. If you learn better under pressure, then maybe he's not suitable for you cos you don't feel intimidated by him. For me, sometimes I forget to check blindspot even though he reminded me many times before, simply because his teachings don't stick cos he's not fierce. Price: $30 per lesson (1hr) and $60 if it's circuit lesson. He tends to only stay about 30mins in the circuit so if you wanna maximise your money, just tell him "oh i think i need more practice at this course etc." He will let you do it if you insist. TP fee is $260 including a 1 hour lesson/warmup before that. Punctuality: Starts on time. Just try not to schedule lessons too early (7am this type) cos he might be late. Other than that, always on time. He doesn't take breaks too (anyway lesson is 1 hour only). However, he tends to end around 5mins early usually. He doesn't charge a registration fee so that's an extra plus point. So if you ever feel like you just wanna have some extra driving practice without some crazy man on an ego trip shouting at you, you can try Azman XD

Cheap and patient

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Car: Mitsubishi Lancer GLX - MANUAL (Forgotten what colour of the car). Rates: $30 per hour, with no registration fee. Pros: Quite reliable, teach step by step, very patient, who doesn't like to scold students. Cons: He likes to talk off-topics. 'Sometimes' on the phone, either talking about family matters (When want to go out) or business matter (not sure what biz). Overall: If you're looking for cheap, patient PDI, can call him first. I was under him for few weeks, and I left CDC. Far for me even though it's only one bus from Jurong, but my butt just couldn't take it :p So, I transferred myself to BBDC. No choice.

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