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You normally gets very excited knowing you have a class scheduled to learn driving later on of the day, especially on the first few lessons! He seems friendly at first but it all turn into a nightmare when times go by.. He is impatient in correcting your mistakes and become more and more agitated when you tell him you do not understand what he is teaching. Due to different setting of your seats alignment, the points viewed to gauge the turning point could be slightly altered. When you tell him you do not see what he is seeing, he will go haywired scolding and cursing you, saying how lousy you are and how you will never pass and that a person like you should never attempted learning to drive! Not only i lost my confidence, i also developed phobia of driving thanks to him! I still remember i was so scared and worried on the day whenever i know i am going to have a lesson with him. His lesson is worse than not being productive, asked me to make a right-turn on a busy road just based on my own "feeling" then scolded me for returning the steering straight before he instruct me to do so. Followed next was his instruction to make a u-turn, also without prior teaching.. This time i turn the steering fully at the point where he ask me to turn and i waited for his instruction to return the steering straight. But he didn't say a word until the car is almost going to hit the divider! He then depressed on his side of the brake and started his cursings again saying that i have no common sense, how stupid i am, how i should not even learn to drive at all etc..... that’s when i burst and walked out of the car telling him that all other lessons i booked shall be cancelled! It took me several years to overcome the fear I developed from him to even start to learn driving again, I even shivered with fear just to think of doing so. Now I’m taking my lesson with BBDC, it also took me quite a while longer time to learn the very basic lessons than usual because of my low confidence and fear. Almost all the instructors here told me the exact same thing that they see my only biggest problem in learning is the extremely low confidence level and fear. Yes i spent quite a lot of time and money for the initial stages but likely its spent for ditching the fear created by this instructor from Hell. After i successfully overcome my fears and decidedly throw away all the bad experiences i had with him, now i am doing well and can clear several lessons at one go. The instructors now tell me i suddenly feel like a different person and that my learning abilities and judgement are in fact better than average students! (just too polite on the road always giving ways to others and being extra cautious that afterall should not be an issue for the test). I’m glad to know that it wasn't my problem with driving. My problem back then was the instructor!

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