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Passed on first try. P.s. To FSG please note that previous reviewer is clearly a self entitled prick. 2nd lesson want to learn parking, no money don't learn, just take the bus.

Lousy experience

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Ang Hoe Guan is one of the pdi who wants to make the most money out of the students. I paid a total of $370 on the first lesson, $70 for enrolment and $300 for 5 lesson which are 2 hours long. Today is my second lesson with him and on both lessons, he wasted a lot of my time by asking me to stop at the side to have a drink and to eat bananas. Today, i started my lesson at 8.20pm and ended at 9.40pm, which is only 1hr 20mins but i paid for 2 hours. I learnt the same thing as my first lesson, which is to just go round and round the industrial site, but he always commented that i am good. He even said my next lesson would be the same thing, only difference will be the location. I asked if i can learn parking on my next lesson and he said no. And when i asked him can i book my TP, he said not yet. And i asked him when can i book?? He said minimum usually only after 25 lessons. Crazy right??? 25 lessons means $1500. Also, the way he teach blindspot from a stationary position on a double yellow line is also wrong and i know this as i asked a few of my friends. Its really good that people know about him beforehand before engaging his service. I know its not good to do this as he is already an old man trying to earn money. But his work ettique is wrong. One last thing i like to add on is, his work schedule is from 8am-10pm, 2 hours lesson and no break in between. Meaning he teach 7 students each day. When do u think will he the time he goes for lunch, dinner, toilet break, etc? All of his break comes from his students time which they have paid for it.


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Good instructor. Clear instruction, easy to communicate.

Good but hard to book lesson

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Willing to teach and corrects every mistake I made on the spot. But he has too many students, so when I want extra lesson, quite hard to book.

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